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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the suspect fled the scene. the live on the latest with the hunt to find fox 5 morning news starts now. there's a live look outside at the airport on this thursday, march 8, 2012. good morning. >> i cannot wait to get out there later. >> you've been looking forward to this all week. >> alison, you has ve been be waiting for this for days and days. >> i have. >> it's not going to happen. no. >> solar storm. >> let's get to the forecast.
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promising 70s all woke long and we're going to tget them later today. look at the radar, a cold front to the west, ahead of it breezy conditions. temperatures now, we're mild. 54 degrees in washington. 54 in baltimore. i nice, mild start to the day. later this afternoon, short n, sleeve shirts will be in order with highs moving in, about 70 degrees around 4 p.m. let you know when the rain gets in here in a couple minutes. >>pl don't forget your flip-
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flops. delays towards georgia avenue. lanes are open coming in out of laurel. as you continue in from freeway airport, traffic is robacking u in this area, but they are checking near 197. meanwhile, if you're inbound, this is inbound new york avenue, the lanes are open, traffic is heavy and slow getting out towards the tunnel. thank you very much, our top story this morning. the earth's s magnetic field is expected to be shaken today by y a solar storm. so >> it could disrupt technology
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like cell phones and satellites. >> it sounds ominous, but they say that the sun hasn't been that active in ten years. maybe wet were due for a little action. word on potential effects on earth. two solar flairs erupted on the sun this week. it's part of the 11-year cycle.a the subshot charged particles traveling at speeds of 4 million miles per hour. they don't harm people, it's more technology based. they have the potential to trip power grids. despite the potential problems, nasa scientists say enthere's n need to panic.
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>> satellites could have failure. could have radio blackout. di >> we see every corner of the sun all the time. we're able to tell you that it is coming towards us. keep watching, don't get hysterical. >> the solar storm is likely to last until tomorrow morning. mo we could see the activity over the next several days. the moral here, if you're traveling with a gps, bring a hard copy map. >> a what? >> i'll explain later. >> pthank you. in maryland, the hunt is on for two cars involved in a deadly hit-and-run. >> police say they were racing on a busy montgomery road when
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one of the cars struck and killed an accident driver. >> reporter: police say those two cars were racing and caused the deadly crash and neither one of them bothered to stop and now this wife and mother will never come home. the garcia was heading to work at a fast food restaurant about a mile and a half away from here yesterday afternoon, she sh was changing lanes when the collision happened. an unknown model silver car struck garcia, that car was racing a green minicooper. police are looking for those who cars and anyone who seen e what happened. >> it's a major artery. ma there are thousands of motorists on the road at the time of day. we need to hear from people who
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may have seen anything. >> police describeve it as a bu road, only 3 witnesses have come forward so far. investigators have not said how fast those two car that were at racing were going, only calling it a speed contest. she has a husband and children. they plan d to return her body her home country. a home invasion, it happened tuesday night on carriage road which is a townhouse community. to two masked intruders got in and ordered five george mason students to lie down on the
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floor. ought it was a joke. they came in pointing guns. po we thought when are you going to take your masks off, we finally realized when they started yelling maybe we should get on the ground. >> the students are wondering wo if it's connected to an incident in october. a fight broke out and someone nd got hit in the head with a bottle. says he was not aware of any wrong doing duringg his campaign. jeff thompson has been a fundraiser for politicians in the school district. last summer, reports surfaced that the mayor's campaign accepted donations above the
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legal limit. an issue with sexual harassment complaints against the chief. this morning, the chief joins us here in studio to answer to some of the allegations. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> when i read that like a foot away from you, can you tell me the reaction? >> it's shocking to be honest. i never sexually harassed anybody. i want to make that perfectly clear. when i look at the paper that says i never intended to, that's true, the fact is i at this point do it. if you were to ask me my name. >> look at your badge. >> that's what happened. it happened as a dress e
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rehearsal for a funeral. i looked at their name tags, i never looked at anyone's chest that has been alleged. >> you're referring to the washington times article that came out on tuesday march 6th and in it is a part of the sexual harassment claim from the time when you were in sarasota, florida. ta the complainant. he says he looks them up and down and talks to their chest. >> the only way i could be able to look at the name tag is talk to them. also i think some of the of initiatives we put in place
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saved money. >> the question isin that the city didn't do enough to look into your record, there's t basically at issue is that you were not properly vetd. re >> i don't nknow if the city could have gotten my personnel file, but i have a 27--year-old file here in washington d.c., they can get that. i was there for a year and four months and i anwas to take care of the budget and don't get involved in any scandal. y i did take care of the budget th and i didn't get involved in any scandal. they say it was unresolved, there was nothing to it and encouraged me to to what i was doing. if i did what they alleged, i would have been terminated. >> also veit says that you were
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talked to and questioned by people there and the response is pretty defiant. it says you say it's part heritu and i haven't seen anything in the department i would want to undress with my eyes anyway. >> there's some alleged comments that i made about being vindictive. i stopped reading it. >> they support the job you're doing and say that the th allegations are, there's nothing to it, you were looked at and you're doing a good job. what i will ask, had they looked at that paper, had they gotten the personnel file, do he you pthink you would be sittint
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here as chief. >> i think i would. i hope they would have talked to the executive administrator. i think i would be sitting here. >> we appreciate you sitting here with you u us today. >> i want to thank you for having the conversation publicly. >> thank you. it is 7:12, as violence escalates in syria -- -- . a popular chef out with a new food truck, details on the other side. it's a tremendous morning. angus, man! angus!
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a new edition to d.c.'s food truck is getting some buzz, rolling out spanish dishes in a new truck. it includes sandwiches about soups and it began this week. the location is posted on its twitter page each day. that's the line. >> remember when food trucks you want to avoid. now we have these wonderful, deluxe food trucks. >> i'm impressed how they were standing in line so orderly. >> i'm happy about that. i'm not able to take advantage of it. but it's a great option. >> the food is good.
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>> cincinnati, 60 degrees, 60 in nashville. to the west, cooler temperatures. not going to get that cold around here, but we have cooler air on the way in the afternoon. sunshine in the forecast. it will linger into the overnight hours and will be out of here by the commute.
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ahead of it, a glorious day, partly cloudy today and it will be breezy with wind out of the south. >> not a bad forecast for five days. >> weekend looks dry. let's see what is happening on the roads, hello, julie. >> the outer loop is slowing around georgia avenue. southbound 95 slowing to the outer loop. inbound 50, all of of that activity cleared. again, leaving german town. you're below speed. we had accident activity before route 7, now they're checking for a stalled car in that same
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area. below speed now heading out towards the scene. average speed down to 15 miles per hour. that's your on time traffic. >> thank you, 7:18, senator john mccain is calling for the u.s. to intervene in syria. >> how many more have to die? 10,000 more? 20,000 more? >> what doesn't make sense is to take unilateral action at this point. before i recommend we put our sons and daughters in harm's way, i have to make very sure we know what the mission is. >> also new this morning, look at this, the syria oil minister announced he'sfecting to the rebels. he did it on youtube.
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>> doing it on youtube now. the vatican web site has been hacked. who did it and why. the latest ipad unveiled in san francisco. later this hour, state of the art medical treatment for pets. learning all about animal rehab. fox35 news will be back.
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the loss of a legend. he died after a car crash yesterday. he was the younger brother of another legend in the world of
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jazz. joe played for presidents ford and carter. he was 78 years old. anyone who tried to on to the vatican web site yesterday got a surprise. the hackers took it down for a day. they say they were protesting abuse of children. apple unveiled the ungraded version called the ipad. it has a higher resolution screen, a faster processer and a better camera. those are just some of the improvements. the 4g version starts at $629, they should arrive on march 16th. apple has lowered the cost of the ipad too and it starts at
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$399. it's all a mind thing. if it came out of the price point, that's so expensive. >> they keep improving, i don't know what else it will do. >> 7:25 now, montgomery county has a way to crack down on drivers. for more, we'll talk live with the director of transportation for the county schools coming up next on fox 5. a big honor from a colleague, we're going to talk about that on the other side of the break. let's take a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic traffic 
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good morning, john. good morning, this is an angus eak and egg sandwich. angus, man! very tremendous! angus! dunkin's delicious new angus steak and egg sandwich makes any morning special. don't miss the delicious new angus steak and egg sandwich from dunkin' donuts. . >> we want to say
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congratulations to our own tony per kin -- perkins. he received an award for journalism. his 30-plus year career in the d.c. area. spring. great luncheon in vince gray was there along with other leaders on hand. >> that was very nice. >> it was a very nice event. going into it, i felt a little awkward, because i'm not used to that kind of thing. but it was very, very nice. here's the award which was very generous. i thank everyone who came out. i love being a part of this community. that's why i cam back here from new york 6-7 years ago and love being here and consider it a privilege to work in the
7:30 am
community. >> thank you to you all, a bunch of folks on camera came out yesterday. very nice to have your support. >> i have to say, it was a wonderful honor when they got up, it turned into a roast of me. not sure, but it was funny. >> we didn't know the rules. >> we thought it was different. >> it was great. that's my kind of honor. >> under all of that, it's love, admiration and respect. >> you started radio years ago. >> many years ago, apparently. it's been a long time. >> the best revenge is that you're still young. >> i started very young. 14 years old. >> anyway, we're proud of you. >> what's happening mr. barnes?
7:31 am
>> our forecast is going to be perfect. temperature-wise in the 70s, more clouds than yesterday, won't be picture perfect as yesterday, yesterday i sat outside and everyone was outside and having lunch. >> you got three now. >> ridiculous. let's get to the forecast. looking at another 30 years of my career. >> it's 57 at fredericksburg. temperatures on the mild side. 50 and hagerstown in maryland. nice looking forecast, temperature-wise in the low 70s, here come the clouds, clouding up, maybe the filtered sunshine for much of the they as the front aroachs from the north and the west. the good news is the rain holds off and the evening commute
7:32 am
should be dry. the rain won't get in until 9:00 tonight. looking at the surface features, the warm front came through, let me mention the winds, it will be a breezy day with winds gusting to 25 miles per hour out of the south during the course of the day. behind it, we cool down tomorrow. highs for the friday in the 50s. we'll lock in the cool towards the beginning of the weekend. nice forecast, afternoon clouds, 71 degrees is your daytime high. about 20 degrees above normal. nice conditions here. showers likely tonight, about 90% chance you get showers tonight. winds 10-15 and there's your five-day forecast, cooling it down tomorrow around. behind the front with breezy conditions expected. saturday starts cool. highs during the day only about 50. another warming trend, we could
7:33 am
be back in the 70s by tuesday and wednesday. here it is. that's your weather, let's do some traffic. julie had a great time seeing you as well. >> i thought you were taking me to lunch. >> a free lunch. >> on the road now, a busy commute, the lanes are open if you're traveling northbound coming from the inbound 11th street bridge. accident activity, traffic is building and slow leaving down towards the end of the scene. heading to the beltway, a 16- minute ride. inner loop of the beltway from springfield up to 66, a 22- minute commute. southbound 270, gridlock backing up before shady grove road. that's your on time traffic.
7:34 am
prince george's councilwoman speaking for the first time since she was caught speeding on the beltway last month. she was let off with a warning and a minor ticket. the fine and 6 points on her license. >> it's proven to be a distraction to the council, i offer my utmost and apologies to all residents. >> she has two points on her license and could get up to 8 more if that happens she could lose her license. the hunt is on for two drivers involved in a deadly hit-and-run. they believe the cars were racing before 4:00 yesterday afternoon when one of the cars struck and killed an innocent
7:35 am
driver. neither of the drivers stayed on the scene. another hit-and-run, a white pickup truck hit a pedestrian and kept driving. it happened along 198 on route 1 wednesday. it was caught on the dash cam video. anyone with information is asked to contact police. soon some montgomery school buses will be equipped with cameras to catch drivers who fail to yield to stopped school buses. good morning, good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, you're welcome. >> let's talk about how big of a problem this is. ask you give us some perspective. >> it happens multiple times every day, folks are passing
7:36 am
red lights. we haven't had anyone seriously injured or killed but we want to changeably before it happens. >> where do most of these occur? >> they tend to happen on the mid-size roads like the commuter routes. not the very most major roads, but roads like old columbia pike, those kinds of roads use bid commuters. they don't tend to happen much where the cars are aware that their own kids from the neighborhood are boarding the bus. it does happen on occasion. >> i see it happening all the time and it's scary because someone could get hurt or killed from this. the types of cameras we're talking about. the external cameras, they're especially kind of like speed cameras, you'll be able to issue tickets from those cameras. >> that is correct.
7:37 am
we're looking for. they go into enforcement mode when the flashing red lights of the bus are on. it detects motion from the object in the frame of the camera and progresses through the frame of the camera. it will send the information with the records about who is the owner of the vehicle off to the police to be verified as a violation, the police send it on as a ticket. >> the bills passed, how many buses do you think will get the cameras? >> we're working through the process and we have quite a ways to go. some budgets issues until we get to the point where the cameras are on the buses. we think we will start fairly small. two or three dozen to start with. >> that's out of how many do
7:38 am
you have? >> we have 1264. we don't suspect there will be one on every bus, but we really wanted to make sure we do it well and get the public confidence that we are doing this in a way that they have confidence when a ticket is issued, it really was a violation. we want to do it well in the beginning. >> do we have a sense of how expensive it will be? >> somewhere in the 5- $8000 range to outfit a bus but what we're looking for is the ability to move them from one location to another. we'll target high problem areas and move to a different bus and target the next problem area. >> do you know what the penalty might be for violaters? >> we don't know. the maximum set is $250 in the montgomery county bill it gives
7:39 am
the responsibility to setting the amount up to $250 and we haven't been through that process yet. >> we'll follow the process. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> couple of ticks away from 7:39, right now it's 54 degrees and a huge achievement for organizers of the marine corps. pay peyton manning let go by the colts. we're getting feedback from the facebook fans. we'll be right back l be right @
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. well, if you were thinking of running in the marine corps marathon this year, hopefully you signed up because now it's too late. i told you we should have signed up last week. >> i was going to do it today. >> it sold out in 2 hours and 41 minutes. marine corps officials say
7:43 am
that's the fastest registration sell out for any marathon in the united states. that's incredible. >> i know. you can catch the tournament action today at noon. boston verses nc state. peyton manning sweepstakes are in. he was released from the colts yesterday. he missed all of last season with the injury. we asked you, our facebook fans to weigh in on the possibility of the redskins picking up manning. dan snyder likely will go after
7:44 am
manning. if they can get him, they should sign. i agree with stan. i do. manning, even if you get him and he's great. it's only going to be like two years, maybe three if you're lucky. you have to get someone and two someone else. you need an offensive line. >> right. >> peyton manning would be good for a few years. okay. >> spending money on him, he will payoff. >> he's not going to lay on the field. >> i'm worried about that neck. i want to see him healthy. i want to see him as an old man. >> weather perfect, it's going to feel like miami around here today as the temperatures will be in the 70s. >> don't tease. >> i'm not teasing, that's the
7:45 am
real deal. >> you haven't been to miami in a while have you? >> no. >> not going to feel like miami. it's going to feel good. >> thanks for bringing me down. we're off to a mild start. maybe not miami-like, but pretty nice. columbus 57 and detroit 59. for the next 24 hours or so, we'll enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures, we'll cloud up later. at 2:00 tonight, you see a lot of clouds moving in. here we are at 11:00. behind the front which should be south and east by tomorrow morning, we'll be back in the sunshine and tomorrow will be a cooler day with winds out of the north. but as we get into the weekend, a lot of sunshine.
7:46 am
a spring-like forecast. let's kick it off with 71, we'll cool it down for a couple of days, both look bright and sunny. >> excellent. >> good-looking weekend. >> here's julie with more on the traffic. >> here we go, if you're traveling 395 to duke street, across the inboard 14th street bridge, all of the lanes are open. gridlock traffic , slow going heading out towards the lane divide. had a couple of problems for you. if you're traveling southbound, the accident activity occurred near the pennsylvania exit. that has cleared. the lanes are open again. >> to a health alert, virginia governor signed an abortion
7:47 am
bill. all women will have an ultrasound before. it called -- more needs to be done to prevent young americans from smoking. youth tobacco youth and marketing and preventions in the u.s. the u.s. should look into creating smoking bans. it's the first look at the youth in nearly 20 areas. holly morris is learning about the medical treatment for pets. holly. >> reporter: this is amazing. we're in an intense therapy session right now. you're right, all of the patients here have fur. have you seen hydro therapy for dogs? it exists at a facility in our area. we're live at the veterinarian
7:48 am
associates. we're going the give you a tour of the operations and give you the low down if your pet needs it. stay with us. . keep walking little poodle. >> our facebook fan of the day. he said if picks, he can guaranty peyton manning will sign with the redskins. that's your guaranty. have a great day.
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$19 at the top spanish cafe and catering on georgia avenue. go to our web site and find out more. fox 5 is at the veterinarian services this morning? they are showing her how they treat people's pets with the latest state of the art technology. >> good morning. this place is amazing. it's one of those instances where we're so lucky to have a facility like this in our area. pets are your children, if they need something like this, you want it to be very near. the director of rehabilitation is here and she is joining us in the hydrotherapy room. >> this is a resistance pool and two underwater treadmills that contribute to the ability
7:53 am
to rehabilitate these guys. >> reporter: i want people to understand what the facility is exactly. the 24-hour emergency hospital, but you have specialties that are addressed. >> that's true. we have surgery, oncology, internal medicine. critical care units. radiation, a cardiology group that is in the practice. we have a broad range of everything covered. we have a wonderful specialist, topnotch who know what they're doing and take care of the patients. >> let's talk about the patients, we're looking at abbie. we're trying to keep her in shape. she had back surgery when she was 3. she had to lose some weight, we lost quite a few pounds and now she's ready for summer play, she's a heart
7:54 am
worker, about 1/2 hour on the treadmill. >> in the water. >> in the water. >> reporter: that's tiring. how long before you start to see a difference? >> we start to build the muscle endurance and we can start to build muscle. a couple of treatments. they start the improvements at home. >> this is max, yes. max is getting older, again some of the weak, trouble going up and downstairs, slowing down, he came into the program and went through about a month of underwater therapy. >> do they naturally take to it? it takes some coaxing. the first couple times we're right in there with them. we're the extra security blanket. gives them the comfort level. >> reporter: talk about right in there with them, this is the case here. the rehabilitation special is
7:55 am
in the pool here. hello, you're doing great. tell me about her. >> about a year and a half ago got hit by a school bus and had a tremendous amount of injury to her right leg and after several surgeries including skin graphs and transplants, we had to work on strengthing her legs because she wasn't using them for so long. she goes between 30-40 minutes now at this point swimming against the current and she has the resistance. >> the water is warm. it's 88 degrees. >> this has to be expensive the terms of the treatment. >> we provide a tremendous amount of expertise and a huge amount of help. most of our clients would agree, while it's expensive, it is worth it. >> i would never question that.
7:56 am
i want to find her mom. this is a big deal because you were telling me when you first took her into the emergency hospital, you said she would lose her legs. >> they felt they could do a better job of amputating it here. they said there's a 50/50 chance it might work. but she was a year old at that point. we decided to go for it. >> what difference has it made? >> she ruptured a disk when she was 3 which was about 7 years ago. we put her in rehab then but it wasn't as developed as it is now. last year i noticed less mobility. doing great. >> that i'll talk about.
7:57 am
they have laser therapy. you'll see a bunion an exercise ball. we have a link to vca. it is on perry parkway if you're interested but we'll talk more including to the chief of staff in the back hour. >> apple unveiled the newest ipad. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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lights, gps. the largest one to hit in years. it's happening now. more ahead this hour. >> inflammation, it's something associated with arthritis, many think it may set the stage for a variety of problems like heart disease, diabetes and
8:01 am
cancer. apple unveiled the new ipad. we have the latest buzz. >> good morning. making news today, the great day we're going to have today as far as the temperatures go. more on that. going to be a few more clouds than yesterday. getting the sale of approval. there it is. >> check. that will bring rain showers tonight. tomorrow will be dry for you. the winds out of the southwest, it will be gusty with winds at 20-30 miles per hour. but otherwise, a nice-looking day. >> right now at reagan national, a little cool out
8:02 am
there. let's switch maps. currently 55 degrees. 55 in baltimore. 50 in winchester and 56 degrees, a nice start to your day. beautiful afternoon, a few more clouds than yesterday. highs in the low 70s and we should remain dry through the commute. more details coming up. >> thank you. looking forward to it. we have on the highway, a lot of you try to make the commute through gaithersburg and it will be tied up because of the incident. on 270, the lanes are open, on and off the brakes through 370
8:03 am
towards the split. 295 northbound slow from the pentagon. at pennsylvania avenue, all of that has cleared. a speed contest. two cars racing down the road
8:04 am
right here. the any -- pulled the 31-year- old from the car, she was announced dead at the hospital. she leaves westbound a husband and three children, police are trying to find the two cars that were racing. >> we need to hear from more people, what they stated is that the dark gray sedan may have been attempting to catch up with a minicooper. neither one of those vehicles stopped. >> how fast those two cars were going except to say they believe it was a speed contest,
8:05 am
racing, family members say they will be taking garcia's body back to where she will be buried. >> prince george's councilwoman speccing up for the first time about her traffic ticket. she got a new one for traffic driving. she got a ticket for inproper lane change. she apologized for speeding but did not take questions from reporters. kenneth is a 27-year veteran of the fire department. the washington times reporting that a female filed a complaint claiming that he looked her up and down and
8:06 am
stared at her chest. >> i believe the issue occurred during a dress rehearsal for a funeral. as i went down the line, i looked at their name tags, i never looked at anyone's chest, these are purely allegations that were never proven. the same article says that it was unresolved, nothing to it. and he encouraged me to do what i was doing. if i did, i would have been terminated. >> they report that they never requested his personnel file from florida before hiring him.
8:07 am
>> today they have a solar power is today. >> after weeks of speculation, apple unveiled the ipad. >> a closer look at its features. >> most of the rumors we were talking about is pretty spot
8:08 am
on. >> they are called new but drives plenty of excitement when there's a new one released. people will get excited about the new ipad,. >> i hope so. you were hoping. talking about some of the specs. a beefed up processer or the brains of the tablet and an improved camera and 4g, also that display, that was like the big thing, good for movies, what about the apps, i heard that we have the newest angry
8:09 am
birds game. >> the new display will look great just not amazing. they took the step to optimize to get the true beyond graphics, looking phenomenal. they look fine, you'll be able to run older apps without them looking weird. >> does it make a difference? >> it's very close to the iphone 4 and what is less important, the megapixel. it has a sensor, there are very few camera phones, you're going to take impressive pictures compared. the cost, let's take a look at the starting prices, a
8:10 am
little full screen. starts at 500 for the 16 gig with the wi-fi and then we have 629 for the ipad 2. the one thing i was wondering about. if you get the 4g version, are you going to rack up the data charges with the new software and equipment? >> you have to pay about $130 extra to get it. you need to have a data plan. >> if you're going to be roaming all the time, you have to be careful about the charges. >> be aware of what you're doing. thank you so much for joining us. >> there's a big android
8:11 am
announcement, they're going to start the operating system, if you have a droid, look into that because there's good news for you on that as well. >> ice cream sandwich. >> it is 8:11 on this thursday morning. the list of the world's billionaires. >> we're going to take a closer look at the fortunate people on the list, stay with us.
8:12 am
homicide of young people in america has an impacact on all f us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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 chili's $20 dinner for two has a bold new favorite -- steak. first, share an appetizer, then choose two entrees, like our 100% usda choice sirloin, available for a limited time on chili's $20 dinner for two. creditors in greece have until the end of the day if they sign on, they could receive another multibillion dollars bailout from the union. if they reject the plan, athens
8:15 am
could be facing a default scenario in the future. sounds familiar to our economy. good morning, mr. embassador. >> the similarities are eerie with what we've been dealing with here in the united states. >> as you know, we are dealing with the after shocks of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. for almost two years now and we see that we are getting out of the woods on this particular case, we're happy to see it. we use the opportunity because i think that the success of these operations will be good for greece, also good for the u.s. economy and good for the investor. >> as we said in the instruction, a decision will be made today on whether or not to
8:16 am
revamp the government bonds in greece. what do you think the decision will be in that case? >> i can say the first signs are encouraging. we're happy to see a good response. my encouragement is for all investors to seize the opportunity. it's important to stabilize the greek case. we are dealing with this crisis in a determined way and we are addressing not only the most surgent problems, it's important, the dependence of the u.s. is such, whatever happens impacts what happens here. >> that was my next we. those watching and saying it's happening overseas shouldn't speak too quickly. it has a direct impact even to
8:17 am
everyday americans. >> we have in this together. we need to find solutions together but we need to follow very attentively. together we are responsible for more than half of the world's trade. there's a lot happening across the atlantic. the news is good news. we have been very active and determined facing the difficulties but we as i like to say, spring is coming to europe. >> i would imagine you would say there's some stability there for the european market. >> i think so. it's been a bumpy road, it's been a difficult process to address very serious impact. but we are at the same time
8:18 am
going for a very rigorous policy that deals with the fiscal imbalances putting our house in order. doing everything we can to introduce the reforms that will create the conditions for sustainable growth. it's the europe project today. >> are there things you would like the united states to be doing to help? >> whatever the united states can do to create conditions for growth in your economy is good for europe, is good for the world. we need to do it in the way we guaranty it's sustainable growth. we don't want bubbles of growth, we want conditions for sustainable growth. each has their home work to do. europe is doing its home work. >> thank you for joining us. we will be watching what comes out of greece today. >> thank you very much.
8:19 am
>> thank you. >> now despite a weak global economy, the number of people making be ill i i billions of dollars is on the rise, they counted an all-time high of billionaires around the world. carlos slim came out on top with $69 billion. bill gates ranked second at 61 billion and warn buffet ranked third with $44 billion. here's a fun fact, 14 of the world's richest people on the list are local billionaires living here in the d.c. area. >> that is a fun fact. >> maybe it's contagious. >> that would be great. >> you know what is contagious? >> cute little faces.
8:20 am
let's do it. time for the photo of the day. >> beautiful. >> what a beautiful smile. >> i'm trying to read, she has a beautiful head of hair here. a very prosperous head of hair. >> she's 4 years old. she likes to sing, dance and one of my favorite pass times, play dress up and go to gymnastics. >> do i see dimples there? >> she has the entire package. >> she could be on disney. >> click on mornings and you can add playing outside today because we're expecting temperatures this afternoon in
8:21 am
the 70s. i'm going to start dancing. >> she's not going to be the only one. 57 in washington. 55 boston. out to the west, the temperatures in cincinnati, cooler air working behind the front. 19 in denver, all right, here's your satellite picture, ahead of the front, we're going the look at partly sunny conditions today and that cold front off to the north and the west approaches, ahead of the front, you'll notice two things, mild temperatures, highs in the 70s and windy conditions. winds expected to gust at 30 miles per hour today. it will be a breezy day. the rain showers get in tonight and behind it, cooler air for the daytime hours and for the
8:22 am
weekend. police were on the scene no accidents to report.
8:23 am
that's tied up as well as you work towards the parkway. slow out towards 66 along the way, we have reports of activity and another stalled car. that's a check of the traffic. >> thank you. it is 8:23 now on this thursday morning. a summer tradition for families won't happen this year. >> we'll check back the state of the art rehab facility for the pets e pets  save them.
8:24 am
presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite. long live your wardrobe.
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8:26 am
. >> the deaths of three people, we now know two members of the family had flu strain 3. one of the victims was suffering from a severe respiratory illness. the state of maryland are continuing to investigate this case. >> is this an odd story, a suspicious coconut causing a scare at the courthouse and calls to the bomb squad.
8:27 am
they found the coconut on a routine search of the area, looks like someone sliced it open. it turns out it was all clear. the state fair of virginia is closing up shop. the nonprofit is laying off workers, the virginia state fair filed for bankruptcy last september. >> we covered it for many years. >> only 17 workers, it's not a large event. >> we may have to ask more questions. >> 8:27 on this thursday morning. coming up in the next half hour, the editor of the finance
8:28 am
joining us in studio.  working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work, but it's a very hectic pace. strayer university met my needs in terms of my family, my work-life balance. the fact that leading companies are hiring strayer graduates is impressive, but it's not surprising. these companies want us so badly. i'm felicia blow, and i earned my mba from strayer university. ♪
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8:31 am
it's going to be a great day. here to tell us more, temperatures in the 70s, already in the upper 50s. hair okay? >> looks good today. >> thank you. >> it does. >> kennedy-ish. back to the weather forecast. >> we're easily distracted. >> 57 in washington, 55 at leonard town. the temperatures in the comfortable range with highs in the low 70s. so again, temperatures about 20 degrees above normal. look at the satellite, it's not going to be as bright and
8:32 am
sunny. let me mention the winds. out of the southwest gusting 20- 30 miles per hour. it should be pleasant as the temperatures will be into the low 70s. cold front, gets in here tonight, that will likely kick off around to showers, the timing around 11:00 tonight. the showers move in and they will be with us during the overnight hours. the commute will be fine. the morning's commute will be out of here. here's the future cast, cloudy and again the rain getting in here at 10:00 tonight. at midnight, scattered showers and the front to the east and we clear it out. tomorrow will be a cooler day, tomorrow afternoon it will be mostly sunny and should be another bright and beautiful day with highs in the 50s. the five-day forecast couldn't be better for the first couple weeks of march. 58 tomorrow, don't forget about the rain showers overnight and
8:33 am
early tomorrow, saturday it will be cool but sunny, highs into the 60s. could be back into the 70s of next week. let's look at the weather forecast. tony? >> thank you. let me find where we are, no matter how much money you make, it's nice to save some money. in this month's finance, a special report. joining us now. thank you for joining us. >> a few moments ago, i read the article, it's thorough, a lot of stuff here. >> it is. nicely laid out. it's 50 different tips, going through some of the specific
8:34 am
areas. some of the most common problems. >> one way to avoid that is if you deal with an online bank, they usually give you free access to atms, if you're charged the fees, they cover it for you or you get free access. or you deal with a network that has tens of thousands of banks around the world. another big fee people hate are the overdraft fees, banks are no longer allowed to charge you the fees, you have to opt into the overdraft program, in which case they will cover you if you
8:35 am
overdraw your account, you will have elected to pay the fee. you would want to link the checking account to a savings account. if you overdraw, they transfer money over. it will be in the $10 range. >> so those are good tips there. >> also. you write about reward cards. some of them are cash-back cards. you have the travel award cards that are popular, you weigh those two. >> that is right. >> you have to say what is my usage? a lot of people like travel rewards, if you're not going to do enough traveling to buildup the 22,000-miles you need for a free trip, it may not be worth it if you have to pay a fee for
8:36 am
the card. you get credit on the bill, you have to say what is my use and here. if you have a crash reward card, the interest that you pay on the balance. >> some of these cards are like 1% cash back, does that add up? it doesn't seem like much. >> it does if you use the system. it's okay as long as you're paying off the balance every month. >> i want to jump down to a credit rating and how you need to monitor these things and find out where you are. >> the biggest thing to do, the easiest thing is to check your
8:37 am
credit report. 30% or less, you want to keep your balance, your balance to 30% or less. have good. talking about the ipad. >> exactly. it's perfect timing. >> the cover story is our 50 top money tips. the 100 best money saving tips and we're very proud of it.
8:38 am
it's available in the ipad store. >> graphic, it's fun. >> thank you for coming in. i do recommend the article, there's a lot of good information. >> good to see you once again. >> on a thursday morning, a warning before making any spring break plans. the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only complish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommoda people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future.
8:39 am
my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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8:41 am
. a travel warning from the texas department of public safety, it's warning spring breakers to think twice about traveling to mexico this year. 120 americans were killed last year in the drug cartel battles, robberies. some reported being victims of rape in resort areas like
8:42 am
cancun and in cabo and lucas. words that aping for unemployment rose last week. >> you're looking for, don't forget to check out the job shop, the job of the day is with samsonite. they're looking for a manager in maryland. for more on this job about others, go to and click on the job shop tab. inflammation, it's something ma is associated with arthritis. >> more and more doctors think it may set the stage for a variety of problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, the fox team joining us when we come back. >> i can say, i am seeing something you don't see every day, i have a dog on a
8:43 am
treadmill in gaithersburg, we'll talk more about the amazing facility and how you can gain access to all of the incredible information here. it's all live next !!aaaññññññññññññññññññ7
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
edge holly is at an honorary. >> she is an honorary this morning. >> she's hat the vpa veterinary rehab association in gaithersburg and that is fascinating, holly. >> reporter: you have to have four legs and fur if -- for them to see you. when it comes to your pets, everyone needs a good vet in their life and we are hanging with some of the best this
8:47 am
morning. they are specialists and have the state of the art facility. he is the chief of staff and a neurologist. you guys have, this place is huge, people are seeing small little rooms, it's an enormous facility. >> what you to here says more. you have expanded it. >> i started in 1977. a little practice like another specialist, probably one of the first specialty hospitals in the country. everyone thought we would fail because everyone thought at the time the specialists had to be in the university, for the first time we came out and was on the street and we've been going ever since. >> what we have going is some laser therapy. explain here.
8:48 am
>> she has bad knees. she has had surgery on one of her knees, whether they have surgery or not, they get some arthritis. want to decrease the pain in the knees, our bread and butter is taking pets that are older and the owners a lot of times say they don't go upstairs. laser is a form of magnetic energy you can't see but it increases the blood supply and decreases the pain. a lot of the dogs immediately after laser therapy, they say just walking again better and they come back and say for the first time, they're going upstairs. >> it changes the dog's life and the owner's life at the same time. >> it's very satisfying. >> i never thought i would see a bunion an exercise ball. >> lauren came, was rolling,
8:49 am
you can see his head still tilted to the right side. that's probably going to stay, but everything else kind of goes away. he has abnormal eye movements, we just treat it, the rehab in people is a big area. people get a lot of vertigo. we see it in dogs and cats, probably two a week. with i treat them all and get them straightened out and retrain them to relearn their balance. a lot of it is retraining and working with cats anding dogs. they're more responsive than people, they rely less on information coming for their brain. >> and they talk talk back, let's be honest. we have another one here on the
8:50 am
treadmill. >> this is the thing we love to see. the older animals, they potentially if they were younger, 8 or 6, we consider surgery, but the thing here, she's not going to have surgery, she's an old gal. and by working with her and building up her strength and decreasing her pain, and we try to do it without drugs. just giving them medication to help with the pain, it's not what we want to do, we want them to be active. >> there are people at home going, there's no way i could afford that kind of thing for my pet. this is an amazing resource center as well. you can teach people things they can do at home with their pets to help make them better. >> first of all, compared to the cost of surgery, it's cheaper.
8:51 am
then the other thing, we sell ten packages and 20 packages and each animal as it goes home, goes home with report cards describing what they did that day and we have the exercises on the web site, if the person wants to check the exercise, see if they're doing it right, look up the exercise and do it . it gives us intersection, and it's satisfying. >> what i know about, they're not in it for the money, they love animals and want to make animals better. we have a link to the hospital here if you want to find out more. coming up, we show you more of the specialties they have here. >> i love this, it's great. thank you. >> we know there's a connection between what we eat and our risk for illness, there's a growing number of experts who think there's a more direct
8:52 am
link between certain foods and chronic disease. joining us now with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, you know, this is something that it's a topic that people glaze over when you start to talk it. chronic inflammation, doctors are saying, we need to wake up and take this chronic inflammation serious by because it's linked to diabetes, cancer, let me tell what it is. inflammation can be a good thing when you're cut or are blood rushing, that's your body trying to fix it. it happens on the inside when our body is facing things that it doesn't know what to do with. that would be when we eat junk food or eat food that doesn't fit well with the system or when there's stress that triggers the inflammation, when the body is stuck in the state of inflammation, it can cause
8:53 am
things that you don't realize like fatigue, aches, pains, and it could be weight gain. >> it could be a few extra pounds, it's actually the nature of its issue. it has to to with chronic inflammation, a person who has a lot of chronic inflammation might be more prone to overweight or obesity. >> so, the doctor tells us, what you want to do is maintain a good ph level. it's scientific, if you stick with foods like wild-caught fish, salmon, walnuts. on the other hand, what you want to avoid is salty foods, refined processed food, soda.
8:54 am
all of those junky foods you put into your body that triggers a bad reaction, it triggers a bad reaction and the blood rushes and trying to fix it and you get this chronic inflammation and that's where the problem sets in. if you stick to a healthy diet, you might be okay. >> there's other reasons as well. thank you. good to see you this morning. >> if you were thinking of running the marine corps marathon, hopefully you signed up. it sold out in two hours and 41 minutes, marine corps marathon says it's the fastest sell out for any marathon in the nation. the big race will be october 28th. and our facebook fan of the day, joseph, right there with
8:55 am
the lovely friend. he promised if he was picked he could guaranty that peyton manning would be signed and win a super bowl for us. we're holding you to it. >> if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, search fox35 morning news. and then post a comment under joseph's photo. ph's photo. . the top 13 took to the stage last night and the finalist eliminations begin. our special guest will be with us after 9:00. >> very good, next hour, our movie reviewer sits down with hollywood stars. he calls it one of his most fun interviews yet. you'll want to see it. 
8:56 am
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what is happening and why it could create mixed signals. racing is to blame in a serious story for a deadly car accident in maryland. live with the search for the hit-and-run driver. >> who is going to go home tonight on american idol? the top 13 battled it out with whitney and


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